Journal for the History of Rhetoric

As 2020 starts, so does my editorship of the Journal for the History of Rhetoric, the journal of the American Society for the History of Rhetoric, an academic association that has been pivotal in my intellectual life ever since in my graduate school days. I am quite excited to take on the leadership of the […]

Podcasts Interviews on Lookout America!

Kevin Hamilton and I have been busy doing podcast and radio interviews about our new book Lookout America! The Secret Hollywood Studio at the Heart of the Cold War. Here’s a spattering of interviews: An interview on the War College Podcast An interview on the New Books Network An interview on Overnight America on my […]

Deep Media

Kevin Hamilton and I presented a paper at the University of Durham’s Business of War Photography conference this past summer (2014) on the work of Harold Edgerton and his collaborators in  the development of both flash photography and atomic bomb firing during World War II. The abstract reads as follows: This paper considers the history of […]

Cold War Camera

Kevin Hamilton and I spent recently attended what, for me, is the most weighty academic conference I’ve had the privilege to attend. The Cold War Camera Conference was held in Guatemala the next-to-last week of February 2014. Convened by the University of Durham’s Andrea Noble,  the University of Toronto’s Thy Phu, and the Guatemalan photographer, […]

INTERSECT Initiative

For the next two years I will be working with a great group of faculty and graduate students at the University of Illinois on the “Learning to See Systems” initiative, sponsored by the Graduate College here under their INTERSECT program. Our goal is address in an interdisciplinary, collaborative manner the problem of “seeing” systems — […]

Interview on the Cuban Missile Crisis

October 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I recently did “A minute with . . .” interview with Illinois media regarding the anniversary  It was a good opportunity to condense some thoughts I’ve had about nuclear deterrence (kudos here to Ledbow and Stein’s We All Lost the Cold War). Here’s the interview. It’s short: 

Center for Advanced Study Award

Kevin Hamilton and I recently were together awarded Center for Advanced Study positions for 2012-13 as an Associate and Fellow respectively. Our proposed joint project, “The Bomb Studio: Science, America, and Hollywood in the Films of the Air Force’s Lookout Mountain Laboratory,” examines a historic set of motion pictures produced by a Hollywood-based United States Air […]

The New Republic Review

Spirits of the Cold War got both pegged and plugged in a review in The New Republic by the New York Times’s Barry Gewen. Here’s the review: Isms Gewen’s reading of my book is curious, if not unexpected. He’s most critical of the “German” influences on its theory and method (e.g. Herder, Weber, Gadamer), which […]